samedi 31 mai 2014

Ghosts of Anneliese Video Out!

Check out our first video, from the Blackened Souls album!

Hey! Album is out on Apathia Records!
You can purchase it through the Merch section or through Apathia records!

dimanche 22 décembre 2013

Hey folks!
After the deal with Apathia Records and the reissue of the first Ep, Oruga is hitting the studio.
We'll be recording for the upcoming album out soon!
Stay in touch for all news and stuff!

lundi 5 septembre 2011

We're back in the rehearsal room after a long summer break!
We're working on new tracks for an upcoming album... 2 new tracks out! stay tuned buddies!

jeudi 11 août 2011

Oruga at Slugfest Eindhoven!

Oruga will rock the Slugfest in Eindhoven (NL) on Nov. 26th! Don't miss this event!

Blog is finally out!

You'll find here all the infos about the band. Show updates, releases, merchandising and more! stay tuned!